Technical Consultation
Consultation is available in all phases of construction from initial feasibility studies and cost estimates to helping familiarize a tenant to the systems in their new space. We use our expertise to solve problems, evaluate options and specify solutions that will best meet the needs of our clients. When asked to specify, we study the situation, present multiple options so our client can make informed decisions

Distribution Systems Design
The electrical distribution system is the central core of what makes a building work safely and efficiently. We design all systems with this in mind, from a residential load center to a multi-layered system requiring generators and un-interruptible power systems. Our designs are created to meet our client's immediate needs and be flexible enough to accommodate future requirements. Our engineers coordinate with local utilities and jurisdictions to make sure that our systems work well within the local environment.

Lighting Design
The variety of lighting sources available as well as the codes governing their use is changing with lightning speed in today's world. Our designers make every effort to stay abreast of these changes while embracing the opportunity to work in partnership with architects and owners to produce lighting systems that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and sensitive to the environment. Our award winning designers are experienced in designing controlled lighting systems for both interior and exterior settings.

Construction Support
Our engineers and designers provide field investigation and hands-on support during the construction process including site visits, construction meetings with architects and contractors, and coordination meetings with other disciplines to ensure a quality finished product.

From conceptual diagrams to as-builts, electrical drawings are the maps to understanding an engineer's intentions and a building's operation. We provide a complete set of clear, concise drawings that are easily read, by professionals in the field, owners, inspectors or anyone who needs to understand how a system works. Our drafters have over 20 years of experience and are skilled in ACAD, and Adobe formats and familiar with Revit and other industry visual formats.

Communications/Fire Alarm/Security Systems